As a freelance artist I’ve drawn and painted superheroes and vixens for over 15 years, working for comic book publishers such as, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and IDW Press.  I am the author of three sexy art books, EpiphanyGood Artist Gone Mad, and my Big Important Sexy Lady Book, and various erotic comics and private commissions.  I absolutely obsess over making women look hot. If you knew how much sexy hair, eyes, boobs, etc. I’ve drawn in my life it’d probably scare you.

I always thought it would be great to be a pinup artist (like one of the old Playboy artists) but I originally started doing caricatures as a gateway skill to learning character design (following Stephen Silver’s advice).  When I started caricaturing, I learned two things very quickly.  Most people thought I was going to make them look bad.  Second, if people look fantastic in their caricature they routinely love their caricature.  My niche was born.

In 2011 I started Draw Me Sexy to announce to the world that you can look hot in a caricature! It doesn’t matter if you want to be just “cute”, a swimsuit model, or a pornstar, caricature is no longer about making fun of your face.   Give me about seven minutes and let’s draw your dream face and body!


Adam Street
The “Draw Me Sexy” Guy

Check out my interview with AZ FOX 10 News: LINK.