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Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. We are so confident that we will rock your party that we put our money where our mouth is. If you are not satisfied with us drawing at your LIVEĀ event, it is FREE! When we draw studio caricatures you are given a proof image before your order is completed. If you do not like the proof you have the opportunity to have it edited, or you can cancel your order and we will refund your money. Once you "approve" the proof, all sales are final.

Vector Caricatures

Would you do a caricature in vector file format? Ordinarily our caricatures are pixel files and our prices reflect it. We can do vector caricatures but they are usually more costly.

Do you draw or allow nudity?

Yes, we do allow nudity. We don't have many samples on the site but we are flexible that way. We're pinup artists for crying out loud!

We will have A LOT of people at our event, can we have more than one artist?

Yes! We contract with multiple artists and we can bring as many artists as you need to the event. Based on availability of course.

Why do you use archival quality supplies?

Historically most paper contained acid which forced it to brown and break down faster over time. Today, most commercially produced paper is acid-free but we take that one step further. Our markers, pencils, paints, etc. are acid free so the lines and colors we put down should not unnecessarily fade or dither over time.

Why the name Draw Me Sexy?

At the first party Adam caricatured at, one woman was scared to get a drawing because she was afraid of being drawn fat (this was based on a previous caricature she received). Adam knew for people to understand his caricatures, he would need to think of a word that no one would generally associate with being overweight or ugly so he chose sexy.

Do you draw everyone half naked or sleazy?

No. Well, it depends on the event (insert LOL here...). But seriously, our motto is everyone should look fantastic as a cartoon. Drawings from the AVN Adult Expo generally do not look like our drawings at bridal shows. We draw to our audience, that's why I clients love us.

Will you travel outside of Arizona?

Heck yeah! We require our travel expenses to be met usually but we will go just about anywhere.

Will you travel outside of Phoenix?

Yes! Heck we'll travel basically anywhere... Our rates are the same around Metro Phoenix but if you live outside of Phoenix (e.g. Sedona) we will charge a small travel fee.